Year End Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are, the end.  Did you ever expect it to happen so quickly?  I hope your child will look back on this year with a smile.  Constantly fighting time, I found it difficult to get to everything I wanted, nor did we consistently master things like I would have liked to.  I did, however, try to keep the learning fresh and fun.  I’ll leave it up to your child to decide if I made good on that one. As for the report card, I trust there were no surprises.  Keeping parents in the loop has always been a mainstay of mine.

The rumours are indeed true:  I will be teaching grade six next year.  For the record, I did make a pitch to keep my entire class but for very complex reasons, including the way we make up class lists, that wasn’t an option.  Some, however, will stay with me while others move on to veteran teachers who are new to our building.  Regardless, your child is in good hands heading into grade six.  For those who are returning to me, I look forward to continuing that relationship we’ve built over the year.  To those moving on to new classrooms, it has been a pleasure and I wish you and your child well.  (Perhaps we will still be in touch as I hope to work out a rotary system with my two new colleagues, but that will depend on scheduling.)

Please avoid the “summer slump” that many students fall into over July and August.  Keep your child’s mind sharp with active learning: read a book, write often, think about science and test theories, look at anything and consider the math that goes into it, and a personal favourite – look back on the past and know where you came from.  Canada turns 150 next year – soak up some history!  There’s plenty of opportunities to continue learning without a classroom, notebook or teacher.  Happy travels!

The blog is open all summer long so students are encouraged to pop in every now and then to share their holiday experiences.  Enjoy the summer break everyone!

Final Students of the Week

I like to look to Class Dojo when it comes to the final SOTW.  Here, I go with a podium finish:

Hannah earns the top spot for having the highest overall percentage all year long at 98% (three percent higher than the second-place student).

In the “silver medal” position is Haily, whose 469 total combined points was the highest in the class over the course of the year (and 10 points ahead of the second-most combined points).

Bringing up third is Erin who, in addition to having a stellar finish to the year academically, was the most improved student for combined points (194 to 247) and percentage (89% to 95%) between terms one and two.

Well done, ladies.  You should be very proud of yourselves for your achievements!

Leave your congratulatory messages for Hannah, Haily and Erin here.