Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Yesterday’s adventure to Fighting Island was spectacular, despite the rainy weather.  Having never been there before, I found it fascinating and look forward to returning with classes in the years to come.  I was especially proud of everyone in 5M for their behaviour.  This was by far their best trip this year for working together and representing King Edward in a positive light.  Even our hosts, Dennis and Pat, were impressed with their work ethic and cooperation.  We then received a follow-up call from our hosts who told Mrs. Minato how they were one of the best classes to have visited the island.  Very impressive!  I’m sure you’ve already heard all the juicy details from your own child about what he/she experienced.  Scroll down two more posts to see pictures from the day!  A special thank you to our adult chaperons who braved a bus-load of students and the soggy weather.

Despite the cool spell of the last few days, inevitably the weather will get muggy before the school year ends.  This is the time of year when students are most eager to go to the water fountain.  If your child doesn’t already have a water bottle, please provide one so that our learning isn’t interrupted by trips to the fountain.  Students are also reminded about the school’s dress code (though it’s less of an issue with grade fives); shorts should go past the fingertips when hands are placed at one’s side and necklines should be conservative.

In physical education, we continue to roll along with our Survivor challenges.  We had an impressive come-from-behind win on Tuesday that would have made the highlight reel on TSN!  Teams were tasked with designing their own challenge this week.  Speaking of gym, students are reminded to wear appropriate clothing for physical education: athletic shorts (not jean shorts) or stretchy athletic pants are the expectation.

The folks at Class Dojo are allowing me to pilot a new modification to the points system in students’ Dojo reports.  I can now weight the look-fors and negatives differently.  For example, being a Good Citizen carries three points, Extending Learning is worth four, and so on.  The same applies to deductions; being Unprepared is a two-point loss, and Disrespect is a four-point loss.  So, if you should see fluctuations in your child’s Class Dojo report, this could be the reason why.  I gave everyone positive points yesterday due to the behaviour on the trip.  That translated to six points per person with the weighted system, compared to what would have been just three.

I tried to limit the amount of take-home work for the long weekend with added work time in class.  That said, some students have homework for the weekend, though likely very little.  Enjoy the last long weekend before the summer break!



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