Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

My apologies for missing last week’s Digest; there wasn’t really much to report actually.  Next week is our final trip of the year to Gesstwood Camp.  If you haven’t already done so, please ensure that your child’s permission form and health/waiver forms are filled out completely.  Fortunately, the weather for Wednesday has turned for the better, but it looks to be humid (better than rain, I suppose).  Please ensure that you’ve made arrangements for your child’s return home that day.  The bus will arrive at approximately 6:30pm.

Next week, we will be discussing that awkward topic of puberty in health class.  I tend to keep it relaxed and open to limit any embarrassment, but don’t be surprised if your child should come home with a question or two.

As the school year winds down, homework (if you haven’t already noticed) will be lighter.  That said, we will continued to forge ahead in all subject areas.  We’re wrapped up in our last read aloud of the year with “Island” by Gordon Korman; our children’s stories are well under way; the Rome unit is just past the halfway point; and we continued to have fun with our Survivor unit in phys ed.  Still plenty of learning to go with just four weeks left!


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