Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we go, the home stretch!  Students will begin bringing home no longer needed materials next week.  This will alleviate an excessively heavy backpack on the last day of school.  What students choose to do with the materials they bring home is up to them but if it’s not to be kept, they’re reminded to be responsible recyclers!

Our trip to Gesstwood Camp is set for Wednesday.  Right now, the Weather Network is calling for a warm and sunny day but we all know how easily the weather can change in this part of the province.  Please check the weather ahead of the day and ensure your child is adequately dressed.  Sun screen and bug spray is a must!  Students need to bring a morning snack and a lunch to get them through the day.  An afternoon snack and early dinner will be provided before we depart for home.  For those students who are not interested in eating tacos, please encourage some additional food to satisfy their hunger.  The bus will return to the school at 5:30 (approx.).  Please ensure that you have made arrangements for your child to get home safely.  A reminder that no electronic devices are to be brought on this trip.

I have a few parents who had expressed an interest in joining us on the trip.  Please confirm your attendance via email, note or phone call.  We should have enough room on the bus, or you’re free to drive your own vehicle to the camp.

Although things are starting to wind down, please make sure your child is at school on time and ready to face the challenges of the day.  Unless told otherwise, the Reminder Binder should go to and from school every day.



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