Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are into October!  It never ceases to amaze me at how quickly time goes by in this job.  Now that we’re into the second month, we’re beginning to roll deep into the curriculum.  In math, we’re focusing on the four operations; addition and subtraction are currently on the agenda but multiplication and division are just around the corner.  Student really do need a strong foundation in this area in order to succeed in math.  For instance, it is difficult to calculate area without knowledge of multiplication.  If I could, I’d spent the first four months on numeration alone but we have a large curriculum to address.  Please encourage your child to practise math facts frequently, both now and later on into the year.  When we move to other strands in math, it’s important to keep those skills in check.  There are some math links on the Learning Links tab above if you’d like your child to do something a little more interactive.

Students are now into the independent reading program and will be tracking the books they read as they finish.  We’ll get into another read aloud later this month.  In writing, I have returned the students’ introduction poems with rubrics on the back.  Next, we’ll work on persuasive writing as it fits well with our unit on social studies and Canadian politics.  Formulating and supporting opinions will be the key in this writing unit.  Speaking of writing, the students just finished creating a word cloud about themselves, which will become the cover for their writer’s notebooks.  Elsewhere, we’re continuing to look at levels of government in Canada with a focus on the up coming municipal election.  Before the end of the month, I hope to start the first unit in science.

On Monday of this week, we had out kick-off assembly for the Read-a-Thon.  Students are encouraged to raise money for the cause as all funds raised go directly back to the students in the way of field trips, extra curriculars, guest speakers and various other things that the regular budget can’t handle.  Although I came from a school that was half the size and half the population of EPS, my classes have had a reputation of being a front-runner in various activities in my school.  I’d love to make an impact statement in my new home with a strong performance from 4/5M.  Encourage your child to find some pledges to help the cause.  Thanks.


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