Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We continue to make our way through our multiplication tables, but many have work to do.  I would never give added homework on a holiday weekend but please encourage your child to practise at least 10 minutes per night, particularly on the higher end of the table (7s and up).  As I mentioned in the Class Dojo message yesterday, speed is less important that actually coming up with the answer.  Before next week ends, we’ll be getting into two digit by one digit and two digit by two digit multiplication and knowledge of the facts is critical.  Related to math, I introduced the class to Prodigy today, an interactive, video game-based math program.  It’s free on the web but your child will need to log in (info was provided today).  It’s a little more engaging than paper/pencil tasks and they’re learning math while they’re at it.

I’ve noticed a dip in homework completion this week; at one point, half the class hadn’t finished their math homework.  I generally provide a good chunk of time to get as much of the task done as possible but some end up having something to bring home; whether it be due to a slower work habit, or distractions.  If homework completion is an issue for your child, it will be reflected in the Class Dojo report.  Ensuring that homework is completed quickly and in a distraction free environment might be all it takes to “right the ship”.

Yesterday, a permission form went home regarding our first field trip of the year.  We’ve been learning about local government in anticipation of the coming election so we’re off to the Essex Civic Centre to meet with the Mayor and possibly a councilor or two.  Students will be able to see how their local government works and makes decisions on behalf of its citizens.  I need at least two parent chaperons so please consider joining us.  If interested, email me, send me a message through your child’s agenda, or via Class Dojo.  Thanks.

Our Read/Walk-a-thon is next Thursday.  We will be walking as a school to Sadler’s Pond and back so students need to dress for the weather.  We encourage any parents who’d like to join us – you’re more than welcome!  As for fundraising, we set a few class goals with the highest being $1,000 but we’re quite a distance from reaching it.  Students are encouraged to do what they can to contribute; even the little amounts eventually add up.  Thanks for supporting the school.  All the funds raised go directly back to the students in various ways.

Here’s to a thankful long weekend.  Enjoy the extra day!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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