Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today was a day of interruptions as we had to participate in the Student Vote and slip to the gym for our photos.  If it seems like your child’s Class Dojo report for today was light, this is the reason why.  We never got to math at all and our literacy block was severely abbreviated.  Anyway, we’ll carry on into next week and try to make up some ground.

In reading, we’ve just started book two of the Dive trilogy by Gordon Korman.  The students have taken to the story and seem to enjoy the development of events.  We’ve been working on how to summarize with plenty of practice and sharing of examples.  Shortly, we’ll be focusing more on answering open-ended questions that require support from the text and the students own thinking.  In my opinion, this is one of the most important skills a reader can have.  Next time you’re discussing a topic with your child, encourage them to support their thinking with evidence.

On a similar note, we’re now getting deeper into our persuasive writing unit.  Starting next week, students will be choosing topics where they will be required to take a stance and defend their thinking.  While most of the writing will occur in the classroom, at some point, your input will be useful in the revision and editing stages.  Stay tuned.

I plan to wrap up social studies in the next week or so with some independent research.  The fours will be looking at the provinces and territories while the fives will be looking at the upper levels of government.  Then we’ll get into our first science unit of the year, which will combine levers and pulleys with structures and the forces acting on them.

As we get deeper into multiplication and division in math, watch for additional work on the Homework posts for reinforcing those concepts.  I’ve given each student a multiplication chart for reference but some are still in need of routine practice.


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