Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As November 11th gets closer and closer, I’ve been sharing my knowledge of the First World War with the students, particularly Canada’s contribution.  While Remembrance Day is symbolic of all wartime loss, it is the first war that led to this day of remembrance.  As we get further and further from those events, it’s important that students understand the courage and sacrifice that occurred in that time so that we, as John McCrae so cleverly penned, continue to carry the torch.  After Tuesday’s assembly, my students will be designing pictures and writing short notes of thanks to our veterans, which will be mailed to veterans’ hospitals.

In social studies, students will begin working on the good copy of their “Who/Where Am I?” cards.  Class time for research was provided this week and I’m going to try to give a little more early next week but I encourage the students to ensure they have enough information to get started on the finished product.  This may require a little more research time at home.  The project page should be in the Projects section of the Reminder Binder for reference.  Science, I hope, will begin next week.

The unit test on whole numbers was returned today.   You’ll notice two marks on the test: one of for the arithmetic side of the test – crunching numbers; and the other is for problem solving.  This latter aspect of math is going to be an area of focus throughout the year.  I’ve asked students to do any necessary corrections in their work and have it ready to talk about on Monday.  Calculator use is acceptable for correcting but understanding how to reach the answer is just as critical.  The answers will be posted on the blog this weekend.   We’re now moving onto data and graphing, which will still require the use of those four basic operations.  Please continue to have your child practise his/her math facts regularly – they are central to so many math concepts we cover over the year.

Picture retakes take place on Friday of next week, for you information.  Enjoy the weekend!


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