Dive Trailers & Movie Posters


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8 thoughts on “Dive Trailers & Movie Posters

  1. Isaac November 27, 2014 / 9:58 pm

    No one up at ten checking the blog are they🐷

    • mrmepham November 28, 2014 / 5:45 am

      Most of the time, it’s just you, Priya and Kylie that answer the Q of the D, and that usually happens right after school. I’m not surprised but I’m glad you checked in.

  2. Seth November 29, 2014 / 11:27 am

    Me and my mom really liked mine and everyone’s

  3. mrmepham November 29, 2014 / 3:27 pm

    Gordon Korman’s reply:
    Hi, Mr. Mepham & Class,
    Essex must be Hollywood North! Every single one of those trailers is professional quality! I’m SUPER-impressed. And if it also means that DIVE made a hit with your class, I’m very grateful for your support. Thanks, people! And sincere congratulations on a job VERY well done!
    ———-Gordon Korman

  4. Adair Tindall December 1, 2014 / 4:56 pm

    Well done!

  5. jason December 1, 2014 / 5:48 pm

    Hi guys I love the trailers I wonder if we can do this again.

    • mrmepham December 1, 2014 / 6:24 pm

      We will do them again later in the year for another read aloud. Glad you enjoyed it, Jason! You can also make one as a project for independent reading.

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