Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for supporting the canned food drive.  A slow start last week snowballed by the middle and we shattered the all-time record as far as my classes go.  As of Thursday, we were at 460 items!  Outstanding!  Whether we brought in the most or not, we should be proud of ourselves for stepping forward and making a difference.  I’m impressed, really, I am.

Just two weeks left before the break and so much to do!  At some point this week, your child will be bringing home a revised piece of persuasive writing for your feedback.  At this stage, they will have already drafted, self-revised, and teacher-revised the piece.  This latter point tends to be the biggest stumbling block in the writing process.  Students will correct mistakes, but avoid making suggestive changes to make the content clearer, stronger, more supportive, etc.  Check your child’s revised piece with the draft beneath and to see if he/she has truly made revisions.  Included will be a checklist to help steer your child in the right direction to make it better.  Please read over his/her writing and use the checklist as a guide.  Provide any additional input that will help make his/her writing stronger but please refrain from doing the thinking or writing for him/her.  You can ask questions to make him/her think; clarify what he/she is trying to say; give suggestions for vocabulary improvement, etc; but the writing must be his/her own.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Still trying to get your child turned on to multiplication facts?  This is going to seem like an odd suggestion but this YouTube channel matches multiples/skip counting to catchy, upbeat music.  My five year-old son, who really thrives on numbers, letters and music, knows his multiples up to 12 simply from watching and singing along with the videos.  Next year, I may just use these same videos to complement my math program.  While it may not work for all, it could work for some.  If your child is into music, give it a try, it may just make a difference!

Expect an update sometime next week regarding Secret Santa and what comes next.  Permission forms were due today and the picking of names and making wish lists will start next week.  I’ll post the information here, and via Class Dojo.

Enjoy the weekend!



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