Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Well, we made it to the end of 2014.  Personally, it has been a wild ride coming in partway through September and trying to catch up ever since.  I am, however, very happy with my transition to Essex PS and look forward to what lies ahead in 2015.

If your child’s Class Dojo report seems light this week, there are a variety of reasons.  With so many activities on the go (skating, turkey lunch, assembly etc.), it has been hard sticking to our schedule.  The entire School Board’s network went down on Wednesday too, so there was no connectivity in the building.

There is no homework for the holiday break but students are encouraged to read.  Each student got to pick a novel to keep as a gift from me today so there’s at least one thing to read.  The one other exception might be science.  Students have been working in groups of three on a project about pulleys and gears (G4), and forces acting on structures (G5).  Over 300 minutes of time has been devoted to researching using books, computers and iPads.  Some have used their time well and are ready to begin the project, while others have squandered time away and have little to show.  Consider asking your child what he/she knows about his/her topic; if he/she knows very little, perhaps some research time at home is necessary.  When we return in January, students will be putting together their ideas based on whatever research they have.

I would ask that students take the time to tidy up the Reminder Binder during the break.  Bring it to school empty of everything except the agenda and the dividers come January.  Some binders look like they could use replacing, and if students need new dividers, all they need to do is see me.

Thank you for the kind gifts, cards and warm wishes.  Very much appreciated.  I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.  Season’s Greetings!  Here’s a little slideshow of the year so far.  Enjoy.

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