Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you to those who popped in for interviews last night.  Talking about your child’s progress is always a treat.  I also loved the positive feedback you had regarding Class Dojo.  I hope you were able to talk with your child about his/her report and set some goals for the second term.  If you haven’t done so already, please have the envelope and the small slip from the 3rd/4th page returned by Monday.  Many thanks.

This week evaporated in no time with Monday’s snow day, Tuesday’s field trip and my half day on Wednesday due to a science workshop.  This will be the main reason why your child’s Class Dojo report will have significantly fewer points this week.  As noted in the newsletter, we fell short of our 85% goal for the month of January but we’ll try again this month.  Wednesday was flawless with 100% but yesterday took a serious hit when half the class failed to finish their writing organizers (that were assigned a week ago).

Speaking of writing, the students now have to complete two drafts for next Thursday’s class.  To clarify, we’ve now done three organizers (the first of which has already been drafted into a piece of writing).  These are meant to map out the memoir, in point form, from beginning to end.  This photo is an example of what we’ve done; yet we’ve created our own in our notebooks to save paper.
54d38b90f76e576905cbc950These should be done now.  The 2nd and 3rd organizers (that were due yesterday) are to be turned into paragraphed pieces of writing, again, in the writer’s notebook.  The opening sentence should be the strong lead the draws the reader in; the 5Ws should be woven into the “First” paragraph that lets the reader know what the writing will be about; the “Next” is the middle of the writing where the main idea is fully developed with strong verbs and adjectives that, hopefully, allow the reader to feel like he/she was there; and the “Finally” is the end of the piece where loose ends are tied up and the writer reflects on why this was memorable.  They need only have the first draft done.  It doesn’t need to be revised or edited – that will come in the days that follow.

I hope the feedback you got about the field trip was positive.   Everyone seemed to have a good time, even though some had difficulty with the snowshoeing.  Photos, if you haven’t seen them already, were posted on Tuesday night.


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