Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I’ll start off by verifying that there is no homework this weekend.  It’s Family Day Weekend so take the time to enjoy each other’s company and savour the added day off.

On the topic of homework, this has become the Achilles heel of 4/5M in trying to reach the monthly goal of 85% as a class.  Most times, it tends to be just a handful but it packs a wallop when it comes to Class Dojo.  This week’s percentage, which sits at 78% currently, would be 88% were it not for cases of unfinished work.  Likewise, last week’s 76% would’ve been 91% had homework been finished on time.  Students already get a perk for their performance individually but we agreed that this was a class goal and we either succeed or fail as one.  I liken it to the Super Bowl two weeks ago:  Seahawks’ quarterback, Russel Wilson, was the only Seattle player to touch the ball on the last play, but his interception affected the result for the entire team (luckily for me as a Patriots fan).  So, every student needs to be accountable for his/her own responsibilities as they affect the outcome for all.  Please keep an eye on your child’s Class Dojo for cases of incomplete homework and verify what they have in their agenda with what’s on the blog.  Getting into a regular homework routine will be a benefit to everyone.

If you see increased cases of “Unprepared” in your child’s Dojo report, it is because I’m tightening the ropes on being prepared for class.  I’ve seen a rise in cases of students leaving materials in their lockers and having to go retrieve them during class time.  The Reminder Binder is designed so that all needed materials come in the door with the student at 8:35.  I am happy to see, however, that almost every family is checking in on their child’s Dojo performance regularly.  Your involvement is a key connection between home and school, and I appreciate the support.

With our recent read aloud now done, teams have set to work on making board games based on the novel.  Our memoirs are now in the draft/revision stage.  Like our persuasive unit, expect your child’s revised work to come home at some point for parent feedback before the final publication.  This time, we’ll make use of some of the tools in Word to publish our work.  Students can make use of clip art, photos from the web, or their own if it applies to the main idea.  More details on the latter to come next week.

In math, we’re nearing the end of our decimals unit and will be having a unit test late next week.  Practise work has been appearing on the blog over the last few days and review will be available into next week.  Science is on hold a little longer while we dig a little deeper into social studies, and dance takes centre stage in lieu of gym class where students are researching and practising a dance from another culture elsewhere in the world.

We finished the week off with Valentine greetings from our pen pals in Winnipeg.  Mr. Wray, their teacher, apologized in advance for all the glitter so I’m extending the apology should the glitter find its way to your home and wreak havoc there.  Happy Family Day!


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