Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Yesterday, as you may already know, we Skyped with our pen pals in Winnipeg.  It was a wonderful demonstration of how technology makes the world a much smaller place.  Prior to the Skype chat, we used Google Earth to explore the area around Sherwood School in Winnipeg, which helped with some of the questions that were asked.  We look forward to another virtual meeting very soon.

I have extended the writing homework to Monday so students can properly revise their writing.  On most of the drafts I read, I provided feedback that required more information to be added to the writing piece.  This may include developing the main idea in the second paragraph; adding a more descriptive passage; or reflecting on the moment in the conclusion.  The students, therefore, are to write this additional information on the back of their page.  The entire piece does not need to be rewritten.  I would prefer the students know what sentences are being added before they get the computer so that time is maximized.  Smaller elements, like spelling, punctuation, grammar need not be fixed at this point.  The idea behind a revision is to focus on the content, not the smaller details that are part of the editing stage.  I hope this clears up any confusion.  Message me if you need more explanation.

Our decimals unit test in on Monday.  Extra practise work is available on the blog.  Students will also get related questions in Prodigy so encourage them to play.  The most notable area of concern, which we’ve practised over and over, is subtracting decimals with borrowing.  There are plenty of tutorials on this website that might also help.

It was a much better week for Class Dojo compared to the last two as, collectively, 4/5M reached an overall percentage of 88%.  Homework completion was less of an issue, which is a key reason behind the improvement. They’ll need to be flawless next week if the monthly goal of 85% is to be met.  Having already done the math, they will need to average 99% over the next five days to reach that goal.  A tall order but mathematically possible if homework is done and behaviour is in check.

Enjoy your weekend!



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