Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We say goodbye to February, which means there are only four months of school left.  Yikes!  Students have been working on dance in lieu of gym class.  They’ve been researching a cultural dance from elsewhere in the world, will have to report on it, and then perform a small portion of it.  With two practise classes left, students should be closing in on the finished product.  Some may have to do some additional research outside of school so I’ve attached the assignment sheet (Dance Culture project) if you’d like clarification on what is required.

With March Break closing in, we’ll try to make a clean break before the holiday.  Board games for Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH are now done and in the process of being played by each group.  An independent reading project will be the focus next and students will need a large (empty) cereal box for this assignment.  Please consider hanging onto one or two as you see them emptied in your household.  In math, decimals are now done and you should have seen the marked unit test on Wednesday or Thursday.  Incomplete problem solving and missing key instructions was a culprit for those who didn’t perform as well.  Those who did well showed their expertise very easily.  We now move on to a quick unit in Probability where games and the concept of “chance” comes into play.  Today we tested Tim Horton’s theory that you have a 1/6 chance to win in their “Roll Up the Rim” contest.  I brought in six hot chocolates and sure enough, one of them was a winner!  (That’s five straight years that the experiment has worked in my classroom!)54f0c2b25fd56e43023c1bef

In terms of our Class Dojo goal for the month of February, the first two weeks of the month were tough with percentages in the 70s.  This was largely due to incomplete homework but the message must have been heard as these last two weeks have hovered in the 90s with very few cases of incomplete work.  Granted, I’ve been a little more lenient with things (messy desks, second chances, routine oriented things) to keep the drive alive.  However, I’m pleased to announce that February’s goal has been met with an overall score of 86%!  We’ll see if we can carry the momentum into the shortened month of March (but my standards won’t be as lenient as they were these last couple of weeks).  With the goal achieved, they’ve proven they can do it.

Enjoy your weekend.  Keep your eyes open for the March newsletter next week.


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