Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are, the last big break before the end of the year!  Typical of my style when it comes to holiday breaks, there is no homework for the March Break, though reading is always encouraged.

If your child’s Dojo report seems light this week, it’s been due to the many events going on.  A busy Tuesday made it difficult to log many points; I didn’t log any during Wednesday’s fog day and assembly; and Friday was a write-off since everyone was scattered for Carnaval.  The start to March hasn’t been as positive as I had hoped coming off last week’s 90% run.  Now that homework completion seems to be improving, we’re focusing on desk orderliness.  I think a lot of students have also been rambunctious with the Break so close.  Maybe the week off will allow all to recharge.  Sitting at 78% for this shortened month, they have some work to do if the goal of 85% is to be met again.

As part of our probability unit, we concluded our Rock Paper Scissors tournament and, for the tenth time in 11 years, a boy has won the gold.  Dominic edged Emmit in the best-of-seven finale by a count of 4-1.  I had hoped to finish off probability before the Break but rather than rush and force another test on the students, I’ll carry it over to the week we return.

So now we enter what I call “the home stretch”.  These next few months will have the greatest impact on the final report card and, realistically, your child’s preparedness for next year.  Spring is not a good time to ease up on the pedal.  We’ll have many projects on the go over the remaining 12 weeks so being on top of work and responsibilities is key.

If you’re traveling for the Break, get there and back home safely, and I wish you good weather.  To those staying close to home, let’s hope for some fine spring weather and fresh air.  Enjoy the week off, folks!  See you on the 23rd.


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