Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As I mentioned in the Digest before the Break, we’re now in the “home stretch” of the school year.  Students will be undertaking a number of projects over the next two months, many of which play a significant role in your child’s marks for the final report card.  Although these are in-school projects, there are a few things your child can work on from home.  Currently, students are working on a book project involving a cereal box (he/she can bring one in at any point now).  Part of the assignment requires the students to do some background research on the author of the book.  This information can be gathered from home, which will free up more class time to work on the building aspect of the project.  For the grade fives, they are just beginning to research a system in the human body for science (digestive, nervous, skeletal, etc.).  Again, the creation of the project will be done in class but your child is free to find information on his/her own time.  Next week, I’ll be introducing a social studies project to the entire class and, while research time will be provided at school, nothing is stopping them from finding information on their own time.

With two days left in the month, the class is dangerously close to missing the goal of 85% overall in Class Dojo.  At the time that I write this, they’re 3% shy so we’ll have to have a strong finish if the class is to make it two months in a row.


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