Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Similar to last week’s message, we’re in “project mode”.  Students are working on projects in science (grade five) and social studies (all).  While class time is being provided twice per week, students are encouraged to do some researching on their own time.  Please check in and afford your child some added screen time for these assignments.  All they need to do at this point is gather information about the topic.

The permission form for Adventure Bay went home yesterday.  It, along with the $8.50 cost, is due back by Friday next week.  Students are welcome to bring their own lunch, or spending money for the concession stand.  If opting for the latter, $10 should be more than enough…unless he/she has a large appetite.

Here are a few tips to prepare for the trip.  It is recommended that students bring a lock to secure valuables.  We will be sharing the park with other schools.  Secondly, students are reminded to choose suitable bathing suits that can handle the rigour of rushing water and water slides.  Trunks should tie up and fit securely around the waist.  A one-piece for girls is more suitable than a two-piece.  If choosing the latter, a t-shirt over top might be a good idea.  Essentially, we want to avoid embarrassment.  Also, consider sending your child with a plastic bag for his/her wet suit for the ride home.

Supervision is going to be tricky here.  The policy for the facility is 4 students to every adult and they must be within an arm’s reach.  So, students will need to stay together as a group when going from ride to ride.  While I trust my students to roam free and enjoy the park on their own, we do have to abide by the policy outlined by Adventure Bay.  To those parents joining us, expect a message from me via Class Dojo sometime in the next few days regarding supervision and what to expect.

Happy weekend!


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