Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In continuation of my weekly dialogue about research, we’re nearing the end of the research time I’ll be providing in both science (grade fives) and social studies.  Since technology is in high demand in the school these days, I’m going to permit students to bring their own Internet-accessible devices to school on research days.  I’ll post “research days” on the homework posts in advance.  If your child is going to bring a device, he/she must first have your permission; use it only during the assigned times; and be responsible for its safe keeping.  Again, students should be doing additional research on their own time as “homework” at this stage.  Depending on your child’s work habits, the class time provided may not be enough and, before long he/she will fall behind.

On the subject of homework, Mr. Hencher has noted several times that students need to be practising their notes for music on a regular basis.  Signing out instruments and going over the sheet music should be a part of the evening routine.  He thanks you in advance for your support with this.

Photo orders went home on Monday and are due back on Wednesday.  Whether you’re ordering some, all, or none, you have to return something to the school.  If some, then send payment and return the times you’re not keeping; if all, send payment and keep everything; if none, send the entire package back so it can be returned to the photographer.  Unlike the proofs you get in the fall, these must be returned or paid for.

Saving the best for last, Monday is our trip to Adventure Bay.  A message has already been sent to parent chaperones through Class Dojo.  Students are reminded to wear suitable bathing suits that can withstand the vigor of rushing water (see my Digest from last week), and bring a plastic bag for wet suits when the day is done.  A lunch from home or money from the concession stand is also required.  With all that activity, hunger will come on quickly.  Lastly, a lock for storing valuables is encouraged as there’s no way to monitor everyone’s belongings.

Today’s fog wasn’t heavy enough to cancel or delay busing, fortunately.  If weather should cancel the buses on Monday, I’ll send out messages via Class Dojo and the blog to keep you updated as quickly as possible.

Happy weekend!


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