Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Yesterday, your child should have brought home a permission form and note regarding a field trip to Point Pelee later this month.  Please read over the note carefully as it has all the pertinent information for the day.  There is no cost to students, thanks to an anonymous donor from the community.  Parent chaperones are welcome but we do not have the bus space available (nor is a lunch provided).  If you’re interested in joining us, you’ll have to have your own means of getting there.  Again, most of what you need to know will be on the note.  Please sign the permission form and return it sometime next week.

We have a test in measurement sometime next week on things like converting units of measure (length, mass and capacity); telling time; 12/24 hour clock; and elapsed time.  I’ll put some addition practice work and/or links to help the students prepare.

With the warmer weather now upon us, I urge you once again to send your child to school with a water bottle.  Thirst becomes a serious distraction and having a bottle on the desk is very convenient.

Enjoy the weekend!


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