Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

There we are, two weeks in the books, and the good news is that 5M will not be affected by re-organization!  It’s quite a relief for everyone, I’m sure.  Now that we know we’ll be staying intact as a family, the real journey will begin.  Expect the learning to intensify and the workload increase (as early as Monday).

Word study is one such subject that will begin next week.  Unlike the spelling lists of the old days, with a dictation every Friday, my word study program focuses on expanding vocabulary and using words in proper context.  Students will be given a 15-word list but emphasis is on meaning and usage, less so on spelling (though students will need to know how to spell the words correctly too).  The list is used three times per week over a two week period with a mid-way “pre-test” on the first Friday.  This is meant to pinpoint which words students need to focus on.  The second Friday (barring a holiday) is when the real test takes place, which will be based on the list, as well as a grammar concept (synonyms, prefixes, roots, etc.).  List words can be found in the Word Study category here on the blog.

Students were given their Writer’s Notebooks today, which are simply hard-covered composition books.  Their “homework” for the weekend is to brainstorm and write down as many things about themselves that identify who they are.  These can be hobbies or interests, favourite things, names of friends and family, etc.  There is no limit to the amount of information your child writes down; in fact, the more the better.  Students will then enter that information into a web-based program and create a word cloud, like the one you see below.  These will then be printed and pasted onto the cover of your child’s notebook.  It might help to look over your child’s list and correct any words that have been misspelled.  Feel free to help him/her with the brainstorm too; the more unique the word cloud the better!  Please ensure the Writer’s Notebook comes back on Monday.

Click to enlarge
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Thank you for having the materials necessary for the Reminder Binder this week.  We put them together on Wednesday and they are now officially in use.  More information about it is here on the blog under the Reminder Binder and Homework tab but, in short, the Binder should go home and come back to school with your child every day.  It is essential for staying organized in 5M.

In today’s agenda, you’ll see a mark for your child’s first reading test of the year.  When I return grades, I have students write the grade in the agenda so you know it has been handed back.  If you then turn to the Tests section of the Reminder Binder, you should see the actual test, which you can then review with your child if you see fit.  This will happen regularly with tests and project rubrics.

Rather than lengthen this Digest any further, I leave you with a collection of photos from our first nine days together.  Enjoy!

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    Yes Word Study

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