Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Weekly Digest is back!  Here is where you’ll get an update (every Friday) of the goings-on in our classroom.  Now that things are returning to normal, teachers are back to doing all the little extra things we love to do.  Over the weekend, I hope to whip together an October/November newsletter to be posted on Monday.

In math, we’re heading into division.  As I’ve noted all month long, keep your child practising his/her multiplication and division facts.  Now that we’re getting into more complex problems, the process gets slowed when students have to stop to look up something like 9×7.  If they can store those facts in their brain, it makes the more complicated procedure of two-by-two-digit multiplication so much easier.  Again, the questions in Prodigy reflect what we’re doing in math so encourage your child to log in and “play”.  Test your child…whenever; on the car ride to hockey practice; while waiting for dinner to be ready; during TV commercials.  Until the memory is tested, you’ll never know if it’s there to begin with.

We’ve wrapped up the instructional part of our social studies unit on Canadian Government.  The students really took to the topic, and I think the federal election helped.  I was impressed on Wednesday when they quietly watched Justin Trudeau’s swearing in ceremony during their snack break!  Moving forward, students have a small packet of information to complete in their duo tangs, as well as an inquiry project about a chosen Prime Minister from Canada’s past.  The project page should be in the Projects section of the Reminder Binder if you’re curious.  Students will be provided with class research time but are also free to gather information on their own time.  I’ve told them to become an expert on their topic, not to choose just five random facts about their PM.  Ideally, I want them to filter their information down so they highlight the most important facts about their PM.  Since government can be a complex topic, you may be needed to explain the odd thing if asked.  The project itself will be done in school toward the end of the month and I will provide the materials.  Ask your child who his/her PM is and see how far along he/she is.

On Wednesday, we head over to the Essex Cenotaph to observe Remembrance Day.  In lead-up, I’ve been discussing my favourite historical topic:  the Great War.  I’m hoping that, through the stories and sacrifice, the students get a real feel for what this day truly means.  The students have also been contributing art work for the assembly in the gym, and they’re creating their own post cards to hand to veterans in the crowd on Wednesday.  Wednesday’s weather looks a little dreary so students are encouraged to dress for the day and possibly bring an umbrella in the event of rain.  Feel free to join us if you have the time.  For me, this will be my first experience at the Essex Cenotaph, so I’m truly looking forward to it.  Having been to the battlefields in France and Flanders, no other day of the year is more important, in my opinion.


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  1. Isaac November 6, 2015 / 4:07 pm

    I’ve missed this

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