Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I’ll begin with information about a couple of projects on the go.  Students have had three, in-class research periods on their Prime Minister project, the last of which was today.  Next week, I’d like the students to have all the information they need to move to the next stage.  Rather than just choose the first five facts they can find, I want them to choose the five most relevant facts about their PM (this is where the “inquiry” element comes in).  As the poster I’d put on Class Dojo showed, they need to be an expert on their topic and, if they do that, they’ll be able to decide which facts to highlight in the project.  The second part of this task requires them to explain, in a short paragraph, something significant about the PM’s time in office (ex. Trudeau and the FLQ crisis; King and conscription; Clark and non-confidence etc.).  Again, it’s important that they know their topic well in order to address the needs of the assignment.  So, please check in with your child and see where he/she is and, if need be, encourage some added research before next week.  I’ll do a mini-lesson on Tuesday that will show them how to consolidate their information.  The project itself, like all projects, is to be done at school.

With the “Island” trilogy just about done in reading, we’ll start working on a number of tasks relating to the book.  One such task has the students designing the bedroom of one of the six main characters based on what we’ve learned about them through the three novels (they have been taking notes throughout).  Traditionally, this has been a drawing task but I’ve opened it up to 3D forms as well, such as a model/diorama.  If opting for the latter, students need to have materials together by Tuesday; this might include a shoe box, small toys, craft materials, etc.  If going the traditional route of designing on paper, I will provide the necessary materials.  Again, the project itself will be done in class.

We have a unit test in math on Monday covering general number sense and the four operations.  We’ve spent the last two days reviewing and the students were given an additional practice sheet to help them (answers are at the bottom of the page).  An additional sheet is already on the blog for extended practise.  If there’s any areas that need continued practise, it’s multiplication and division.  Anchor charts and multiplication charts will be available the day of the test, but they will be on their own to demonstrate what they know.

I’ve distributed December’s Scholastic orders early this year in the event you’d like to make some Christmas purchases.  The deadline is Wednesday of next week.  Parents do have the option of ordering online with a credit card and this feature has been enabled on my account.  All you need to do is input the information and pay for it.  I take it from there.  However, it’s important that the order be placed before Wednesday evening.

Cookie dough orders are due on Monday so please ensure that they are returned.  It would be helpful if the total amount raised and, if different, the total amount enclosed was indicated somewhere.  Thank you in advance.


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