Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We’re desperately trying to wrap up units in various subjects so we can start fresh in January. We’ll spend another week in transformational geometry before dabbling a little in patterning; finish off our novel study as students complete their character bedroom projects and movie posters; put a close on government with our Prime Minister projects; and attempt to squeeze out the last of our “condensed” matter unit in science.  So, it will be a busy conclusion to 2015!

One thing I’ve noticed of late is a slip in homework completion and general work habits.  On Monday, 11 out of 18 students didn’t complete their social studies homework, which they had a month to do.  The same was true of science and word study this week though the numbers were smaller.  A few students still don’t have enough information for their PM project, which I’ve emphasized over and over.  In class, I’m seeing more careless errors and rushed work; even names left off of work.  Students are asking questions that they’d know the answer to if they had been listening.  I’m not sure if it’s the coming holiday or just lazy habits coming out of the woodwork.  It may not be your child in particular, but there has definitely been a change in attention and focus toward school work in Room 206.  As a class, the weekly Class Dojo report has hovered around 80-90% all year long; this week, it dropped to 69% largely due to incomplete homework and off task behaviours.  Keep an eye on your child’s Dojo report onward into the new year as we close in on the end of the term in late-January.

Speaking of the end of the term, you’ll receive your child’s Progress Report next Friday.  This whole situation has become messy; interviews without reports; reports going home before the holiday break; a formal report card coming in the new year.  Please note that your child’s Progress Report is a reflection of the first six weeks of school only – a time when students were still developing routines and adjusting to introductory work.  Much of that assessment is based on limited data being so early in the year.  So much has happened since that period and many have see changes in their performance (both positive and negative).  I’m afraid that you’ll be misled by the report coming so late after the time period it covers.  So remember, this report only covers the time period to early October.  Your child’s Report Card could (and likely will) look distinctly different when February rolls around.

For those who are participating in Secret Santa, names were drawn today and students have the following week to find a gift for the person they have.  Wish lists have been posted in the room to help with the shopping process.  The gift doesn’t need to come to school until the last week before the break and no later than Thursday the 17th.  Only the recipient’s name should be on the gift.

Our canned food drive is well under way and we currently sit at 143, a long way from our goal of 482.  Thank you Tyler F. for bringing in 20 items on Wednesday, and Maverick for 10 more today – that gave us a boost!  I’m hoping for a strong finish next week.  We did the math and to reach the goal, it averages out to about 20-21 cans per student.  For some, this may be a tall order and I understand.  Keep in mind every item makes a difference, whether it be 21 or 1.  In the end, we should be happy with whatever comes in as it’s going to a great cause.


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