Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We did it!  We surpassed our goal of bringing in 482 food items for a total haul of 566!  I’m very impressed and very proud.  Special shout-outs to Isaac (130), Ramses (108), and Maverick (50) who brought in the most; but it was a collective effort with everyone participating.  Although some rewards are coming next week, the real reward is helping those who need it at this time of year.

Speaking of rewards, one such reward is a period of games and electronics.  Students are free to bring those items on Wednesday for enjoyment.  On Tuesday, students will enjoy a movie in class, which has been coupled with a pajama day.  So, students are free to wear their jammies provided they follow school dress code.

Progress Reports went home today.  As I mentioned in last week’s Digest, these cover only the first six weeks of school.  Had they been up to the end of November, they would be distinctly different.  So much has happened since mid-October and to get these reports so late in the term could be misleading.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Please ensure the envelope is returned sometime next week; the report is yours to keep.

Those participating in Secret Santa can start bringing their wrapped (or gift bagged) gifts in starting Monday.  Please ensure that only the recipient’s name is on it.  Gifts should be at the school no later than Thursday.  Thank you.

If you missed it, the students’ “Island” movie posters are now on the blog.  I forwarded the link to Gordon Korman himself and he has already replied on his message board.  Check the link I put in the Comments section to see what he had to say.

We’ll finish off 2015 by tying loose ends and cleaning up from the last four months.  Expect your child to bring home some “overflow” materials that can be dealt with as you/he/she sees fit.  I’ll also ask for the Reminder Binder to be tidied so that it looks like it did in September.  More details will come in next Friday’s Digest.


One thought on “Weekly Digest

  1. Haily Tofflemire December 11, 2015 / 7:27 pm

    I think it should be boy boy girl girl

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