Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to 2016!  Although we’re at the tail end of the term, I find January is a good time to start fresh.  Carrying material over a two week break just isn’t efficient, in my opinion.  So, we’re looking at data and graphing in math right now; using real statistics like the results of our canned food drive, our sugar intake during snack times, Math 4 Today test scores, and temperatures from around the world.  We’re about to start a new novel study as a class, and we’re doing a lot of cross curricular work in art, media literacy, health and science.  All of the work we’re engaged in (reading being a slight exception) will be reflected in the upcoming, February report card.

Our magazine project is now underway.  Students have spent the week brainstorming various topics from their past, two of which will be selected for publication in the magazine.  Your child may need your help to fill in some details depending on his/her topic but we’re not at that stage yet.  We’ll begin drafting sometime next week.  When we get to the revision stage, I’ll be sending home a draft copy with a checklist for you to provide feedback to your child and his/her writing.  Stay tuned.

I had hoped for a more positive start this week but it didn’t seem to materialize.  Many off-task, chatty behaviours were evident, which is rare coming off a two week break.  For the time being, I’ve had to rearrange our seating plan and abandon our community meeting area (carpet) until we’re refocused.  If you noticed a sharp difference in your child’s Dojo report yesterday, it’s because of the new seating plan.  It wasn’t an issue with all students, but enough to have an impact on the learning environment.  I’m optimistic that we can get back to our community-oriented furniture arrangement very soon.

If you’re reading this ahead of an announcement I’ve made via Class Dojo, please take a moment to check in and see the “semi-confidential” message there.


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