Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The students have a three-day weekend that’s relatively free of homework; I would still encourage some review of what we did in health class to prepare for Tuesday’s quiz.  If you’d like to see your child doing something academic, reading and practising mental math is always encouraged (even for just 10 minutes a night).  Prodigy is also available to hone those math skills.

Tomorrow’s PA Day will be spent working on your child’s report card.  A lot goes into the making of a report card grade, but I don’t expect there to be too many surprises given the various forms of communication used to keep you in touch with the goings-on in 5M.  You may want to look at the article about “Assessment & Reporting” at the bottom of the Parents’ Corner tab.

It would be a big help to ensure your child has adequate footwear now that the snow has arrived.  Winter boots for outside and a pair of shoes/runners for inside will keep moisture out of the classroom and the floors cleaner.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.


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