Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Today we had a visit from Mad Science to pitch their six-week after school program.  Forms were handed out to the students today and, if interested, payment is made to Mad Science (mail or online); do not bring the form back to school.  The program is different this year so if your child participated previously, it will be a whole new experience this time around.

On the subject of forms, information also went home regarding parent-teacher interviews.  There is now an online option for booking an interview time.  Just follow the instructions with your child’s student identification number, which is included with the note.  Interviews take place from 4-7pm on Thursday February 11th.

With the field trip a week away, I wanted to go over some preliminaries.  Again, dressing for the outdoors is key for this excursion.  Weather for the area is expected to be around or below the freezing mark, cooler in the morning.  There is warm shelter at the park but our time in it will be limited.  So, here’s a checklist of things needed:

  • winter wear (boots, hat, gloves/mittens, coat, snow pants if possible)
  • layers underneath to keep that warmth flowing (thick or doubled socks would help)
  • nutritious disposable lunch + snack (we bring back our own trash)
  • spending money (optional; $5-50)

Students are allowed to bring electronic devices for the bus ride providing they follow the same guidelines as are expected in the school (nothing inappropriate).  Likewise, they are responsible for the safety of said device.  During our time in the park, devices with cameras are welcome but only for taking pictures.  Failure to follow these expectations will result in confiscation and a parent needing to pick the item up.

Unlike the typical school day, eating times will be limited.  There is no eating allowed on the bus and short of a quick snack when we first arrive, lunch won’t be until noon or later.  This means your child MUST have a filling, nutritious breakfast to prepare for the day ahead.  There is a lot of walking (some running) involved in this trip and an empty tank will only wear on your child as the day progresses.

Please ensure you have arrangements to see your child at the school by 7:15am (bus departs at 7:30am sharp), and for pickup by 4:30pm.  I will send out Class Dojo messages during our return trip to let you know our arrival time, should we be earlier or running late.


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