Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I’m hopeful that the students enjoyed Friday’s excursion into the past.  There certainly was a lot of physical activity going on and a walk in the outdoors is always good for the soul.  Thank you to those parents who were able to tag along (and those who were willing but unable).

Report cards go home on Monday.  I think I’ve covered enough of the basics in prior Digests so I’ll leave them in your hands to judge and review with your child.  Inside the envelope you’ll also find a Class Dojo report which highlights your child’s performance over the entire term.  It will be useful for knowing where his/her strengths lie, and areas that need improvement.  It might come in handy for setting one of those goals on the fourth page of the report card too.  Please note that when I selected an “all time” Dojo report, it reverted back to 2009 for some reason (perhaps when Dojo first went public?).  The timeline is, of course, from September to the end of January.

Interviews take place on Thursday evening from 4-7pm.  You may now sign up online using your child’s student id number at this website (instructions already went home about this).  I look forward to meeting with you.

Our magazine project continues to roll as students have revised their first drafts.  Thank you to those parents who overlooked their child’s work and provided constructive feedback.  Within about two weeks time, we should be done our final revision and edits, and be ready for publication.  I will then take over and start doing the magazine layout.  If you have pictures that could complement your child’s writing, feel free to email them to me.  If it’s an actual photo, send it in and I’ll scan it.  Money, if there is any to be paid, won’t be necessary until March at the earliest.

As I mentioned in the February newsletter, we’re closing in on some inquiry-based research in science and social studies.  Students will need to spend some additional time outside of school looking for information about their chosen topics.  Please afford them some screen time, or do it the old fashioned way and take them to the public library (books tend to be more reliable when it comes to facts).  Details of these assignments should be coming out next week.

Finally, the group project currently underway is the board game based on our recent novel study.  Students have had plenty of brainstorming sessions throughout the novel but now it’s time to start planning and building.  Materials will need to be obtained over the next few days so that when a plan is created, they can get started.  Please ask your child about whether he/she needs anything to get the project going.  Thanks.


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