Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Where is the time going?  I certainly doesn’t feel like we’ve been back at school for seven weeks already!  With March Break on the horizon and Easter after that, it will be April before we know it!

Most students have done their final revisions of their memoirs.  (I’m hopeful that each student took their feedback seriously and applied it to their final copies as these will be the articles that go into the magazine.)  I’ll spend the next several weeks piecing everything together into the publication.  In the meantime, I’ve urged every student to send in photos that have to do with their writing topics.  Send as many as you like and I’ll see what I can do about getting as much in as possible.  Please email them to me by the end of next week.  If they are hard copies, send them to school and I’ll have them scanned and returned.  Having all the necessary pieces ahead of doing the layout is critical for me.  If you missed last week’s Digest, take a peek to learn more about the huge donation we received to help offset a majority of the cost.  If there are any additional costs to families, I’ll will send out notification as the magazine is sent to print.  Unless you’d like to make a donation of your own (tax receipts can be issued if so desired), there’s no need to send in any money at this point in time.

Today, students chose a topic (and in some cases, a partner) for their Human Body Systems Inquiry Project.  As I’ve indicated before, class time will be provided for this but students will also need to research on their own time.  Please afford some screen time and/or a trip to the library.  Their topics can get very complex if using the Internet, as many websites will be chocked full of complex terminology.  Kid-friendly books and websites will help alleviate complicated terms like “supra ventricular tachycardia”.  There’s at least one good link in the Learning Links section of the blog.  As always, the project itself is to be done in class but research time and gathering of project materials is fine outside of the school day.

I’m going to experiment with something new when it comes to independent work time, starting next week.  Students have the option of bringing devices to listen to music during their work time.  The idea is that perhaps they will be able to focus on what’s in front of them, rather than be distracted by neighbours.  Since it’s experimental as of now, I’ll forego a formal contract like we had for research devices.  However, the same rules will apply:  1) use in class only when permission is granted, 2) student is responsible for its safe keeping.  Ear buds, of course, are a must.  If the experiment is successful, I’ll allow it for the remainder of the year.  Contact me if you have any questions about this.

Yesterday, each student was given a voucher for a free ticket to Saturday’s Windsor Express game.  If you’re planning to attend, you’ll need to present the voucher at the box office and they’ll assign the child a seat based on based on your purchase an adult ticket.  This ensures you’ll be seated together.  Perhaps I’ll see some of you there!  Tip off is at 7:30pm at the WFCU Centre.


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  1. Melissa February 19, 2016 / 12:51 pm

    Hi there, can you provide your email address again?

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