Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A couple of forms have come home; one earlier in the week and one today. The first is for a profit kickback from Dominos pizza.  From now until April 12th, use the code EPS018 when you order a Dominos pizza and a portion of the purchase goes directly back to Essex Public.  These funds help pay for numerous things provided by our School Advisory Council.  Today, students brought home a form that will allow you to pay for things like lunches online.  My son’s school does this and it’s very efficient; no need to send baggies of money for various things!  Each student has a personalized code to set up an account so ensure you’re using the information provided to your child.

I’ve invited the students to enter the Class Dojo Monster Design Contest.  As a follow up to their growth mindset videos, they’re encouraging students to design a Class Dojo monster and show the process by which it was developed.  I gave copies to those who were interested but additional forms can be downloaded from today’s Homework link.  Winners of the contest will have their monster featured in the next set of videos from Class Dojo!

I’ve been chipping away at the students’ writing for the magazine project.  When it is returned, a rubric will be attached to the draft copies that were handed in.  You’ll notice that there are none of my familiar purple pen markings on the final copy.  This is because I’m marking them on-screen while making small adjustments for the magazine edition.  It’s still not too late to send in photos!


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