Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Students received their marks for their memoirs today.  As I’d mentioned in last week’s Digest, you won’t see any of my familiar purple ink on the finished copy as I was evaluating and editing on screen to prepare the students’ work for the magazine (two birds, one stone…so to speak).  However, you’ll be able to see the process that their writing went through; from first draft to finished copy.  Some took advantage of the feedback provided by both of us, while others merely edited here and there.  If you see major errors in your child’s work, fear not, I’ve taken care of those already so they’re less noticeable in the magazine version.

Earlier in the week, we did a photo shoot for the front cover and sampled some different locations and poses.  We tried the stairs but the lighting was too dark; the front school sign had potential but the top portion of the sign made the magazine title unclear.  I believe it was Emma who suggested trying the playground equipment and, after several shots, we found one that will work.  Here’s a sneak peek, though the finished product may look slightly different. I think the sky in the backdrop really complements the cover.


There is no formal homework for the March Break.  However, several students have some science that they need to catch up on.  I had given the students a month to complete a package of information on the different body systems and only nine had finished it by the due date on February 29th.  So, the remainder will have that to finish as there’s a test on body systems when we return.  Students are also free to look up different tribes for their social studies project.  We’ve only just begun this project but I’d like students to narrow down their topic after we return from the Break.  If you insist on your child doing something learning related, get him/her to read; always a good choice.

After the March Break, you’ll be seeing some new points in Class Dojo:  Performance Positive and Perfomance Negative.  The first one will indicate that your child has received a grade of B- or higher on a task (test, project, performance, etc.), while the latter is the result of a grade of D+ or lower.  This will be a performance indicator for you moving forward.  Whatever the grade is for, you should find a copy in the Tests section of the Reminder Binder.  I’ll no longer have students recording grades in the agenda.

I’ve asked the students to clean out the Reminder Binder so that its lean and clean for when we return.  Tests can be removed and the Overflow emptied.  Please keep the project pages for science (human body) and social studies (First Nations) however.

Whether you’re traveling or staying home, I wish you all a safe and relaxing March Break.  I hope your child uses the time to recharge for the home stretch of the school year.  June will be here before you know it.


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