Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Did I not say earlier that April would be here before we know it?  Next Friday is April 1st – no fooling!  Not much to report this time around since it was such a short week.

The magazine has stalled on my end with the March Break but I hope to get the job done over the next four days.  I hope to have a draft copy to the printer by this time next week.  Updates will come as they develop.

Students have been putting together their science projects on the human body this week.  I’ve asked them to have them ready for next Friday.  We wrote our test today, and when projects are complete, we’ll move on to a new unit about structures.  However, the end of the human body unit will link us with health and the new curriculum.  I’ll send you a more formal note through Dojo when the time comes to give you advance notice of the “delicate” topics we’ll be covering.  In short, the focus of our health unit will be puberty and the reproductive organs.  As much as the media has dubbed it the “sex ed curriculum”, our focus in grade five will be on the changes the body goes through during adolescence and the “anatomy” of the reproductive organs.  That’s it.  More details will follow but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.  That said, a notice went home today inviting parents to an information session on Monday April 11th regarding the new health curriculum.  Check in with your child about it, or contact the school for more details.

Enjoy the four day weekend!



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