Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I’m sure by now you’ve read my message about the HPE curriculum and our pending unit.  I expect to begin the first lesson (with words that will make some squirm and guffaw) by the middle of the week.  Brace yourselves for some intriguing dinnertime discussion (potentially).

We have a probability test on Monday to close our current math unit.  We did some review today in small groups and students seem to have a handle on most concepts.  There is optional review in the textbook for those who’d like some extended practise and a picture of the pages is available under the homework post.  The answers will be posted Sunday morning so students can check their work.

I’m using Class Dojo in coordination with growth mindset again as a new set of videos has been released.  We just watched chapter one yesterday (link here).  Feel free to support the idea at home with the following questions:

  1. What is “the dip”?
  2. Discuss an example of a time you’ve felt the dip (student share, parent share.) How did
    it feel?
  3. How does what we’ve learned about growth mindset help us get out of the dip?

Our trip to Adventure Bay is in three weeks time.  I’m in need of adult chaperones, as indicated by my message earlier in the week.  I have one volunteer already but will need five more.  Please message me if you’re free to join us.  If I can’t meet the adult to student ratio, I will have to cancel the trip.  Thank you in advance.

Lastly, I’ve posted some of the students’ movie trailers for our recent novel study (the rest should be uploaded tonight).  Scroll down, have a look, and enjoy the temptation of what a movie version of the novel might look like!


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