Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We’re one week shy of our field trip to Adventure Bay!  I’ll review this information prior to the trip next week but here’s a heads-up.  There is no hard and fast rule about two-piece bathing suits.  Girls planning to wear them are encouraged to wear a t-shirt since there’s plenty of rushing water and opportunities for tops to become…”dislodged”.  Otherwise, it’s “swim at your own risk”.  It’s also recommended that students bring a lock to secure valuables, and a plastic bag for wet clothing when we get ready to return home.  Lunch can be purchased at the counter ($8-12 depending on appetite) or be brought from home.  If opting for the latter, students will have to eat on the competitive side of the facility since outside food isn’t allowed inside Adventure Bay.  As for chaperones, I have the five that I need.  Thank you to the mothers of Alysha, Emma, Reagan, Jenna-Ann and Haily for tagging along.  (You may send your payment in with your child’s payment or pay separately at the site.)  A special thank you as well to Lily’s mom who was willing to attend if we ran short of chaperones.  If there are any other parents still interested in joining us, you’re more than welcome; just indicate so on your child’s permission form.  Forms and money, by the way, are due by Thursday (but the earlier the better).

We’ve published ourselves as a class through the Our Classroom magazine, now your child is about to publish his/her own book!  Students have been brainstorming, drafting and organizing a picture book for their latest writing task.  The blank books being used for these publications come at a cost of $1 (paperback) or $3 (hardcover), which is slightly less than what I paid for them.  Your child has already chosen his/her book and knows the cost.  Money can begin coming in on Monday.  Thank you.

Speaking of money, it seems like a lot is up for collection lately (pictures, pizza, milk, hot lunch).  Well, we’re going to add yet another.  The annual daffodil campaign is on for cancer awareness.  This year, students have been given a small envelope to make a donation.  If you can help out with the cause, please drop your donation inside and return it by Thursday.  Students are also being asked to wear yellow to Thursday’s Character Counts assembly.

We seemed to get through the first installment of our health unit on human growth and sexuality.  I’m curious to know if any feedback about it came home.  Feel free to message me if you have anything to share.  Next week will feature the reproductive system as it relates to adolescence.



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