Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

If you’ve noticed a dip in your child’s Dojo report this week, it’s likely due to me having to “lower the boom” on idle, off-task behaviours of late.  As our springtime projects have come to a close, socializing and slower productivity have risen.  It’s not all, mind you, but I’ve had to be strict on expectations for independent work time.  It’s generally not my style to be more serious and demanding but several have shown that working and talking is less productive, and for that reason I’ve had to insist on the former with almost none of the latter.

I’m not sure if you were able to take in the Wizard of Oz production this week but Isaac was stellar in his role as the Scarecrow!  During the day performance, he received a joyous ovation from the students, not just from 5M but the entire audience.  Congratulations, Isaac!  It must be rewarding to see all that hard work come to fruition!

As I’d mentioned in the May newsletter, Wednesday June 1st has been earmarked for a fun activity.  Thanks to the same grant that helped pay for our trip to Ska Nah Doht in the winter, we’ll be heading over to Gesstwood Camp for a day of outdoor fun and teamwork.   We’ll leave at 9am and return for 6pm (dinner will be provided).  Presently, I’m going to try to avoid having chaperones pay but I’m awaiting more information before I can confirm.   If you’d like to join us, send me a note through Dojo and I’ll add you to the list.

This morning, I shared some of the information about Fort McMurray with the students and many were shocked to see the devastation of the wildfires out there.  This led to a discussion about what we could do to help.  After an hour of sharing ideas, we’ve agreed that 5M will spearhead some sort of assistance drive over the next couple of weeks.  Presently, we’re not sure if it will be in the form of a spare change drive, donated items or a combination of both.  I’ve asked the students to do some research of what the needs of the Fort McMurray residents are; the Canadian Red Cross is a start.  Please talk to your child about ideas for this worthwhile initiative and allow him/her some time to find that information.  As I learn more about the logistics of organizing such a drive, we’ll then be able to choose a course of action into next week.


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