Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The trip to Gesstwood was a huge success!  I’m sure you heard all about it when your child got home.  Thank you to the parents who were able to tag along, and to the rest for ensuring your child’s prompt departure home afterward.  Scroll a few posts down to see photos from the day if you haven’t already.

The June Newsletter is posted for your perusal.  There are some reflections on what we’ve accomplished as a class this year.  One such mention was our recent fundraiser for Fort McMurray.  It turns out that our total is higher than initially published!  I was digging out the students’ field trip money for deposit yesterday and found a bag or rolled coin and a handful of bills that were never counted in our fundraiser.  So, our total haul in the end was $1,351.47!

You’ve probably noticed a lighter workload regarding homework.  We’re now in the closing stages of the year and tying loose ends.  Expect to continue to see things like word study and the occasional math work, though class time is always provided for these things.  Projects are more or less done, though we have some independent study to complete in science yet.

Speaking of science, you’ll see some of the students’ work in the collage below.  They were tasked with researching a structure from around the world and creating an inforgraphic for it.  I’m missing two currently but hope to have them up shortly.  Click on any circle to see an enlarged copy.


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