Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we go, home stretch time!  As you’re already aware, we’re planning a pot luck lunch for Thursday (menu of items listed below).  Please remember to ensure that all food items are nut free.  We have 22 students in our class, if that helps in deciding how much of whatever it is you need bring.  If you will be dropping off food during the school day, we plan to eat at our usual time, which would be around 1pm.  If the item(s) you’re providing require a serving utensil, like tongs or a spoon, please send them with the dish (I can’t guarantee there will be a sufficient supply in the staff room).  It would help if you included your name on the dish so that it can be returned to you.

I have about a half dozen math textbooks missing at the moment.  We only used them periodically so I never assigned a specific book to each student, we just grabbed them as needed.  However, a count of 22 has dwindled to 16 and I need them back.  Please have your child look around the house, as that is likely where they are lingering.  It is green with a picture of a raccoon on the front.  Much appreciated.

Today, I introduced the “Math Is Everywhere” project.  Students will be taking an everyday situation and seeing all that ways that math applies to it.  We did an example earlier in the year with Adventure Bay, and brainstormed today with the game of mini-golf.  Some are working alone while others have chosen a partner.  Ask your child what topic he/she chose and feel free to discuss all the situations that math applies.  Students will have a period on Monday to collect data to support their project (ex. facts, figures, etc.) but taking time over the weekend wouldn’t hurt either.

Enjoy the weekend!  Only eight more school days to go…


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