Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It looks like we got through reorganization unscathed, both as a school and a class.  While there are a few minor adjustments come Monday, generally things remain intact.  Now we can really dive into the curriculum and forge ahead.

Students have some “homework” this weekend because it requires them to be at home while doing it.  Our social studies unit begins with Canada’s  connections to the world and we’ll start with trade.  I’ve asked students to complete a chart that asks them to find things around the home from different countries.  Although it seems most things are made in China anymore, I’d like them to find items from various parts of the world.  Feel free to point your child in the right direction while he/she is looking.  The chart is due for Tuesday.

Students are also in the process of brainstorming as many words about themselves as possible.  This information will then be consolidated via a web program to create a word cloud like the one below.


It will then be printed and added as a cover for their writer’s notebooks.  You can help by checking your child’s list for spelling accuracy (there’s no spell-check in the program).  While class time will be afforded to do the typing, slower typers have been encouraged to type out their words at home and save the file to a portable memory stick.  This can then be inserted into the school’s laptop and copy/pasted into the program.

In closing, the office has asked that students not arrive at the school prior to 8:15 as there is no supervision on the yard.  I’m not sure if this applies to anyone in 6M but FYI.

Enjoy the weekend!


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