Weekly Digest

Dear Parents,

Whew!  What a week!  First off, please accept my regrets about last night’s Meet the Teacher event.  If you didn’t read my message from yesterday, I was bogged down at home in a flooding basement.  While it would have been good to put faces to the names of my students’ parents, I like to think that you’re at least connected to the goings-on in 6M via this blog and Class Dojo.  That said, if you feel it’s important that we meet, simply contact me and we can arrange a date.  Progress reports will be going home in November, which is when the first round of interviews will take place, if you’d rather wait.

On Monday, I attended a training session for Fighting Island, which offers hands-on science programs for students.   While I was away, I received a wonderful note from the supply teacher in my stead.  It’s very comforting knowing your class is representing itself well when the teacher is away.  In fact, I’d have to say this has been one of, in not THE, best start to a school year in my 18 years of teaching.  Feeling very fortunate and excited about this year’s class!

Looking ahead in math, we’ll begin focusing on the four operations.  Usually, addition and subtraction present few problems but multiplication and division are often the stumbling blocks.  While we’ll spend a little time reviewing our multiplication tables up to 12 x 12, I encourage you to have your child practise on a nightly basis if it’s an area of need.  Questions in Prodigy will also reflect this skill if you want to let your child “play” while learning.

Look for the October edition of Mepham’s Monthly on Monday, which will highlight some of the things we’ll be exploring in the month ahead.  Enjoy your weekend.


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