Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We’re at the midway point of our annual Read-a-thon fundraiser.  After some discussion as a class, we’ve set a goal of raising at least $616 ($1 more than what my class brought in last time).  We did the math and it averages out to about $30 per student.  That said, students have been encouraged to contribute whatever they can; whether it’s more or less…every dollar counts.  While the main goal is to help with programs in the school, we’ve also added some class incentives:  a pot luck lunch for reaching $616; movie/pajama reward for reaching $400; and a trip to the ice cream shop and Sadler’s Pond if we get halfway to our goal ($308).  I feel if everyone is to benefit from the incentives, then there should be 100% participation, even if it’s a small amount raised.  It shows commitment to a common goal and the benefits to the school community have a rippling effect.  Once your child is tapped out of potential donors, money and the pledge form can come in at any point but no later than Friday.  It would be very helpful if the total amount raised was written on the bag or envelope, thanks.

Scholastic book orders for October were handed out this week.  I’ve set a deadline of Tuesday for them to be in.  To those parents opting for online payment, please have your order in by Tuesday evening.  Many thanks.

Speaking of thanks, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I stumbled upon this article about Canadian Thanksgiving that you might like to share with your child.  Life is good!


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