Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our field trip to the airport on Wednesday seems to have been a thrill by many.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but it seems that the response was very positive.  I’m going to look into going back in the spring when we do our flight unit in science.  In the meantime, if you or your child would like to revisit what went on with Wednesday’s trip, you’re invited to a free open house this Saturday from 10am to 3pm.  More details can be found here.

Our next trip, to Fighting Island, is just around the corner.  As I’ve mentioned previously, we need to leave early in order to maximize our time on the island.  Please have your child at school by 7:45am.  He/she will need a lunch and plenty of bug repellent.  Close-toed shoes are a must and water-resistant footwear is encouraged (rubber boots are ideal).  Layers are also a good idea.  While there doesn’t seem to be a threat of ticks on the island, keeping legs and ankles covered is recommended.  Currently, it looks to be a perfect fall day with a mix of sun and cloud and mild temperatures.  Again, if you’d like to join us, just let me know.

Our Read-a-thon was a huge success school-wide with approximately $15 000 dollars raised!  If you factor in 6M’s contribution of $967, that accounts for 15.5% of the total!  Not bad for a class effort.  In addition, we were also the top junior fundraising class, which earned us a pizza party; and Reagan and Tia earned random draw prizes!  Today, we set some plans in motion for the students’ incentives for reaching our goal.  Our potluck and movie/pajama day is tentatively set for next Friday.  I’ve created a signup sheet for the potluck to ensure we don’t get 21 bags of chips.  😀 Your child’s homework is to talk to you about what he/she can contribute and bring that information back next week (the sooner the better).  I’ll post snapshots of the sheet as it fills each day.


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