Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thank you for the tasty contributions to today’s pot luck lunch!  We had quite an array of flavours to choose from.  I don’t think your child will have much of an appetite come dinnertime!

Last year, my grade fives (and I) published a magazine of our favourite memories.  I hadn’t planned on doing it this year but Haily took the initiative to gauge student interest in pursing the task again.  A vast majority agreed that it would be a great writing adventure and so we’re off on a new/old writing journey.  The magazine itself will consist of two memoirs from each student, which we will spend the next six to eight weeks preparing.  It can include photos having to do with your child’s main idea.  Once the writing is complete, I compile all the student submissions and perform a little design magic to make it a genuine magazine.  (See last year’s front cover posted below.)  I then send it to a printing company that produces something so impressive that it could sit on magazine racks alongside Maclean’s, Time and Sports Illustrated.  The cost to do this will average about $25 per copy but I’m working on finding some money to help cover that.sample_cover

In the meantime, we’ve been brainstorming and exploring some memorable moments from our past and, recently, have organized one into a draft piece of writing.  Your child will share this first draft with you this weekend and invite your feedback.  Keep in mind it is still a raw piece of writing that hasn’t been revised or edited.  Your job is to look at the content and organization of the writing, specifically:

  • Does it have a captivating lead sentence that draws the reader in?
  • Is it organized into three paragraphs?  The first should introduce the reader to the topic, highlighting the who, what, when, where and why; the second should develop the main idea (the “what”) with sufficient details to paint a clear picture; and the third should wrap up the memoir and bring it to a conclusion.
  • Do you, as the reader, get a clear understanding of the story once you’ve read it?

Please add any comments to the bottom of your child’s draft.  While spelling and grammar isn’t the focus at this stage, you’re welcome to edit as well (though not necessary).  In the weeks and months to come, students will eventually choose two topics to develop for the magazine and eventually publish.  There will be times I ask for your input again so that you can share in the writing journey with your child.

Have a great weekend!


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