Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are, into the final month of the calendar year.  The December Newsletter was posted yesterday and features a small collage of photos from the year so far.  It also highlights many of the busy activities that will occur between now and the end of the month.

The annual food drive begins Monday and, as noted in the newsletter, we have a very bold goal to reach.  While there is a theme to each day on what to bring in, anything non-perishable works.  On Monday, the theme is kid-friendly pasta but we’ll take anything.  Let’s see how close we can get to reaching that goal and helping the needy in our community.

On Thursday we have the bazaar and our trip to the FINA World Swimming Championships.  The students will have a very brief 20 minutes at the start of the day to shop at the bazaar.  Then, we board the bus for 9:10 to make our way to the WFCU Centre.  Students are reminded to bring money for a snack ($10-15 is a safe range) as no outside food is allowed and we won’t be back at the school until well after 1pm.  To those parents joining us, you can wait for us in the foyer shortly after 9:00, or come up to the classroom as we pack up to leave.

On Monday I hope to have the students draw names for Secret Santa (for those who are participating).  Permission forms are due on Monday for this reason.  If it has been damaged, misplaced or whatever, a handwritten note will suffice.  Once the students know who they have for the gift exchange, they will have a couple of weeks to get the gift.  To be fair to all participating, please limit the purchase to no more than $15.

We finished off the day with our first auction of the year.  Feel free to ask your child about it and see how he/she fared.  Enjoy the first weekend of December!


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