Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We’re at the midway point of our food drive with 88 items to our credit.  We’re still quite a ways to go but I’m hopeful for a strong finish.  Thank you in advance for supporting the local cause.

FINA was an interesting experience yesterday.  Despite the long line and poor logistics or the concessions stand, I sense the students enjoyed watching the heats.  We were disappointed to hear that local swimmer, Kylie Masse, wasn’t going to compete that day.  Nevertheless, it still had that Olympic feel to it.  Thank you to the parents who tagged along.

Students participating in Secret Santa now know their student and have the next week to find a gift.  Wish lists have been posted in the room to help with the shopping.  I’ll pull these down midway through next week and send them home with your child.  Again, please stay within the range of $10-15.  Wrapped gifts can come in starting Monday the 19th.  Please ensure only the recipient’s name is on it.

Expect your child to bring home some writing in the next few days.  This is a second draft for the memoirs they’re writing for the magazine and I’m looking for your feedback on their revised writing.  A checklist is provided to make the process quick and efficient.  Despite the busyness of the next two weeks, I’d like all writing pieces “publication ready” before we break so I can design the layout over the holidays.

Enjoy the wintry weather to come this weekend!



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