Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Just one week to go before the break!  I’m trying to wrap up several units in many subjects so there’s little carry over through the holidays.  The plan is to start fresh in 2017.  That said, here’s where we’re at…

The magazine project has been slowed by weeks of interruptions, largely due to preparations for last Tuesday’s Winter Concert.  Some students have drafted and revised their work following feedback from me (the others will hopefully be done next week).  They will then bring those revised pieces home to be reviewed by a parent.  In my experience, I find many students merely fix the spelling and grammatical errors and ignore the feedback about improving the content (which is what revision is really all about).  When you read your child’s writing, check to see how much of the original draft has changed compared to the revised edition.  Once you’ve provided feedback to your child, he/she will make final revisions and edits before it’s publication ready.  I really tried to impress upon them the importance of making this work their best, as it will soon be in print for all eyes to see.  Assuming all work is is by this time next week, I hope to get the layout started over the holiday.

The school’s food drive wrapped up today.  While we didn’t reach the lofty goal desired, we still managed to contribute 224 items to help the needy. Well done, 6M!  Special shout out to Charlie, Chloe and Reece for being the top three contributors.

Wish lists for Secret Santa went home today.  A reminder to keep gift purchases in the range of $10-15.  Wrapped gifts can come in beginning Monday but no later than Thursday.  We’ll enjoy the gift exchange on the last day of school.


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