Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We closed the books on 2016 today with a lot of fun and laughter.  Students enjoyed the Secret Santa gift exchange and were pleased to pick out a new book and a sweet treat courtesy of me.  To parents, thank you for the kind gifts, cards and messages.  Your generosity, though not necessary, is very much appreciated.

We also spent part of our day cleaning desks and lockers, and getting papers organized.  I’ve asked students to take home a number of materials from the last four months; what they do with them is their choice.  I would, however, like Reminder Binders cleaned out except for the agenda and dividers; all other materials can be freed.  Consider inspecting your child’s binder too, a few have taken a beating and may need to be replaced.

Although we didn’t reach the deadline I’d planned for the magazine project, we’re still well on our way.  Some students have work to bring home and share with parents, while others are either ahead of, or behind that point.  We’ll try to get the remaining pieces of the puzzle together in January.  On the upside, with the money made from purchasing spirit wear, I’ll be able to cover the cost of printing the magazine.

While you’re here, scroll down a few posts and see some of the fantastic work by the students with their movie posters and trailers from our novel study, “The Boy Who Dared”.  Feel free to leave a comment or two about some of your favourites.

There is no homework for the holidays.  We capped a number of units so we could start fresh in January.  I hope everyone will enjoy the time off and recharge over the break; I certainly plan to!  Wishing you all a safe, happy and restful holiday break.



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