Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We more or less closed the books on term one today (still some assessment to finish off, however).  Starting Monday, anything we do moving forward will apply to your child’s final report card in June.  Tomorrow, I’ll be working on your child’s report card, which covers the last five months of the school year.  Report cards will go home on Monday February 13th.  Stay tuned for more information about judging your child’s report card in a future Digest.

As I’d highlighted in Class Dojo, we had an incredible day of math with the mock accommodation study.  It was amazing to see the students’ opinions change, not only in light of new information, but in discussion among themselves.  Mrs. Meloche tweeted a couple of photos out, which can be seen on the school’s webpage.  You’ll have to scroll down through the Twitter feed to see them.

We got some good news about the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day poster contest.  Of 243 entries, 131 came from Essex, and all the poster winners in the junior division were in grade six!  Among the winners were Paige (2nd place) and Madyson (1st) in the black and white poster category!  Congratulations, ladies!

I have almost all pieces of writing for the magazine project, which means I can begin the layout (after report cards…). I estimate I’ll need about two weeks to get things together, plus we need a photo shoot for the front cover.  I’m also looking for photos to accompany your child’s writing.  I’ve received a few already but I welcome as many as possible.  Once the layout is in order, it only takes a few days to be printed and bound.  Thanks to the spirit wear order, I can cover the cost of one magazine per student.  I will make a digital pdf copy available to everyone too.  If you would like an extra paper copy, there will be a cost but I won’t know that until it’s ready for print.  Please send me a message if you want more than one paper copy.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Go Patriots!


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