Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

To the delight of the students, I distributed copies of “Our Classroom” magazine today.  We enjoyed poring over the pages and admiring each other’s work.  As promised, a digital copy is available here.  Please use the password I sent you in Dojo to access it.  This will allow you to keep a copy that won’t get stained, dog-eared or lost.  Plus, you can share it with family members who might be too far away to see the hard copy.  Enjoy reading this weekend!

Next week, students will begin working on a board game based on our novel study of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.  I’ve asked groups to formulate a list of materials and bring them in so they can begin putting things together on Monday.  This may require some rummaging around the house for objects, or a trip to the local store for supplies.

Also next week, we’re taking a walk up to Essex High to see a dramatic performance.  Permission forms went home today.  You’re welcome to tag along with us.  However, I’m unable to defray the $5 charge that comes with attending.  If interested, simply fill in the bottom portion of your child’s permission form and include payment with your child’s.

Enjoy the weekend!


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