Weekly Digest

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Here we are, March Break!  I’ve tried to close out a number of units so that we start “somewhat” fresh when we return in one week’s time.  It’s a break, so there’s no homework other than tidying up the Reminder Binder for the home stretch.  Students have been asked to remove anything in Overflow and Assessments section.  (If the binder is in rough shape, consider replacing it.)

Our return from the Break will be the most critical time heading up to June.  Although most of what we’ve done since February will apply to the final report card, these next few months will have a greater impact.  Students are encouraged to stay on top of things as we move closer and closer to the end of the year.

We closed out this segment with a fun day of French Canadian activities at our annual Carnaval Day.  Students also got to engage in the second of three auctions over the year and pick up a few prizes.

Looking ahead, I have us officially booked for the Ropes Course at Gesstwood Camp on Wednesday March 29th.  I will need at least two chaperones for this excursion.  If you’re unaware, the Ropes Course allows students to climb trees with safety harnesses and a professional guide.  It also encourages teamwork and goal setting.  Although a costly trip, I’ve been able to get the bus paid for with a grant, and the $38 per student fee has been reduced to $15 thanks to leftover funds from the spirit wear campaign in the fall.  (If your child can’t participate due to financial reasons, please contact me right away.  We’ll make it work.)  After the Break, a permission form will go home, along with a waiver form that asks for your child’s medical history.  It can seem a little intimidating at first but I assure you, it’s merely for safety purposes; you need not worry.  I’ve taken several classes there over my years of teaching and all has been well (mosquitoes have been the biggest problem, but I don’t expect that to be an issue in March).

Whether you’re traveling or staying home for the Break, I wish you and your family well over the next nine days.


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